Digital Humanities

XTriples has been a topic in the following papers, workshops and conference presentations:


  • Julian Jarosch, Andreas Kuczera, Torsten Schrade and Tariq Youssef, Graphentechnologien in den Digital Humanities: Methoden und Instrumente zur Modellierung, Transformation, Annotation und Analyse. Workshop and conference paper for the 6th DHd conference, 26.03.2019, Mainz/Frankfurt, DOI 10.5281/zenodo.2596095, p.33-36.


  • Max Grüntgens and Thomas Kollatz, Two become one. Lifting TEI EpiDoc encoded corpora to RDF. The case of DIO and EPIDAT. Poster presentation at the Linked Pasts IV conference, 12.12.2018, Mainz. (Poster)
  • Max Grüntgens and Thomas Kollatz, Repositorien mergen, analysieren und visualisieren. Presentation at the DARIAH Grand Tour, 20.09.2018, Darmstadt. (Slides)


  • Torsten Schrade, Semantische Technologien und Fragen des Raums. Presentation at the workshop on 'Digitale Raumdarstellungen. Barocke Kunst im Kontext aktueller Zugriffe der Spatial Humanities' at the Phillips-Universität Marburg, 04.04.2017. (Slides)


  • Torsten Schrade, Grundlagen von Linked Open Data (LOD) für die Nachnutzung von Forschungsdaten. Workshop at the conference of the working group on eHumanities of the Union of the German Academies of Sciences, 11.11.2016, Düsseldorf. (Slides)
  • Torsten Schrade, CIDOC-CRM Modellierung epigraphischer Fachdaten mit dem XTriples Webservice. Presentation at the DARIAH-DE workshop on 'Research infrastructures for the Humanities and CIDOC-CRM', 25.07.2016, Darmstadt. (Slides)
  • Max Grüntgens and Torsten Schrade: Data Repositories in the Humanities and the Semantic Web. Modelling, Linking, Visualising. Conference paper and presentation at the 1st WHiSe Workshop / ESWC 2016, 29.05.2016, Anissaras - Crete, URN urn:nbn:de:0074-1608-8, p. 53-63. (Slides)
  • Torsten Schrade, Geisteswissenschaftliche Fachdatenrepositorien im Semantic Web. Modellierung, Vernetzung, Visualisierung. Conference paper and presentation at the 3rd DHd conference in Leipzig, 07.-12.03.2016, ISBN 978-3-941379-05-3, p. 215-218. (Slides)


  • Torsten Schrade, Digitale Briefeditionen im Semantic Web. Der XTriples Webservice – Semantische Aussagen aus XML. Presentation at the conference of the working group on eHumanities of the Union of the German Academies of Sciences, Heidelberg, 15.09.2015. (Slides)

Project examples

XTriples is used in many Digital Humanities projects:


correspSearch, an inventory and search service for scholarly letter editions by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Example 1: Extract the correspondence of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe with several others as a network of letters. TEI XML basis.

XML Configuration Result SVG

Example 2: Correspondence of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Who wrote to whom. TEI XML basis.

XML Configuration Result SVG


Epidat, the database of Jewish epigraphy by the Steinheim-Institute of German-Jewish history

Example 1: Extraction of a database record for a gravestone and combination with external XML resources. TEI/Epidoc XML and custom XML basis. RDF modelled with CIDOC-CRM.

XML Configuration Result SVG

Extraction and visualization of family relations from the Hamburg Altona gravestone corpus using FOAF, BIO and REL.


German Inscriptions Online

German Inscriptions Online, an epigraphic research project of six German Academies of Sciences

Example 1: Extraction of some catalogue numbers. TEI/Epidoc XML basis.

XML Configuration Result SVG