XTriples example

Family relations in the Hamburg-Altona Epidat gravestone corpus

Gravestone CorpusXTriples configurationRDF data

Inspiration for this example drawn from a discussion about visualizing XML based relationships on the TEI mailinglist. Credits and thanks to Thomas Kollatz for the idea. The RDF extraction is modelled on FOAF to represent persons, BIO to represent dates of death and REL to build family relations between persons. Visualization is done using the Sgvizler library and it's Dracula Graph implementation.

All stuff CC-BY | Torsten Schrade and @digicademy


Once put into a triple store the following SPARQL query pulls all family relations out of the extracted RDF data; BIND statements are used to assign yellow and green colors to female and male RDF nodes respectively.


Result of the query visualized as a simple data table