• CHANGE: Move XTriples to new namespace and home (LOD.ACADEMY)
  • INFO: Start official releases on GitHub and ZENODO. You can get older versions from here
  • INFO: New page for documenting the Digital Humanities use cases, papers and presentations
  • BUGFIX: Evaluation of <condition> tag should be forced to boolean


  • FEATURE: Allow XPATH/XQuery expressions in <statement repeat="{XPATH}"> to dynamically generate an integer count for $repeatIndex
  • FEATURE: Removed absolute links from HTML pages. Now all examples fully work in local contexts
  • CHANGE: Put the service configuration (URLs to XTriples, any23, rdf2svg) into config.xqm; extract.xql now does not need to get touched when configuring the service in local or other contexts
  • BUGFIX: Correctly escaped some regex expressions in extractTriples function


  • BUGFIX: Return error message if a resource contains no content


  • INFO: Minor changes to documentation.
  • BUGFIX: Avoid type error in expressionBasedResourceResolver if resources are a sequence of atomic values
  • FEATURE: Allow multiple <collection> tags per <xtriples> configuration
  • FEATURE: Allow mixing of <resource> types (literal, static, expression) per <collection>
  • FEATURE: Modified internal xtriples result format to also include the crawled resources for debugging


  • INFO: Change in context variable name: $resource is now $currentResource
  • INFO: Change in context variable name: $index is now $repeatIndex
  • INFO: New XML examples from several Digital Humanities projects
  • INFO: Modifications, illustrations and corrections in documentation
  • FEATURE: Introduce $resourceIndex variable that contains the number of the resource currently crawled


  • INFO: Feature complete first stable version
  • INFO: Finished documentation
  • INFO: Added many XML examples
  • FEATURE: Better error handling. Errors are now caught and do not lead to query termination. Error descriptions can be comfortably looked up by setting the output format to "xtriples"
  • BUGFIXES: Several smaller bugfixes


  • FEATURE: Possibilty to dynamically construct full resources (and not only resource uris) out of a collection by expression
  • FEATURE (experimental): Introduced m:n combination with <statement type="mn">


  • FEATURE: Dynamic namespace declaration; all configured vocabularies are also declared als XML namespaces for the XPATH statements
  • FEATURE: Allow an expression based syntax in the resource attribute making it possible to construct dynamic uris to external resources
  • FEATURE: First steps towards a RELAX NG schema for the xtriples configuration


  • FEATURE: Add more response formats from any23; the webservice can now respond with rdf,turtle,ntriples,nquads,json,trix,svg and xtriples
  • FEATURE: Allow the resource attribute also for <subject> and <predicate> tags; makes it possible to extract values from external resources during statement extraction
  • FEATURE: Allow and evaluate XPATH expressions for <predicate> tags
  • FEATURE: Simple strings are now also allowed within <subject>, <predicate> and <object> tags; it will not be evaluated and just transferred to the extraction result
  • BUGFIX: Plaintext formats (turtle, ntriples etc.) are now correctly streamed as plaintext by eXist and need not be urlencoded any longer


  • FEATURE: Allow nodesets for subjects and objects. Makes it possible to create 1:n and n:1 triples with a single statement declaration.
  • FEATURE: Extract/create blank nodes: set value of type attribute for <subject> and <object> tags to "bnode"
  • FEATURE: Typed object literals: set datatype attribute in <object> tag to one of the XSD datatypes (integer, float etc)
  • FEATURE: Language tagged object literals: set lang attribute in <object> tag to a value according to RFC 3066


  • INFO: First public version of the service